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Additional Plans & Products

Telehealth, Travel Insurance, and more from other companies

Your well-being is tied to how good you feel and how well you take care of yourself, but for many, being well means more than just personal health. For some, It might mean ensuring some financial protection for those you love or some extra security for an upcoming trip. For others, it might mean gaining access to more health care information or buying insurance on major purchases like a home or car. What brings you peace of mind changes with time, age and situation.

UnitedHealthcare offers supplemental plans underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company to help you and your loved ones during times of critical illness, accidents, hospitalizations and more, but we understand you may have needs that go beyond what we offer.

And that’s why information is provided here about additional plans and products from other companies, too. They may be just the thing to address the unique needs of you and your loved ones—to help you protect yourself while traveling, help cover some of your final expenses, insure your home or your car, take more control over your health care decisions or even provide insurance for the family pet.