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When accidents happen, you can be ready.


Accident Safeguard – Golden Rule Insurance Company

When accidents happen, you can be ready.


When you’re injured unexpectedly, the bills can add up. UnitedHealthcare branded Accident SafeGuard plans can help with fixed payments based on covered medical services you receive after an accident.F32 You can choose from multiple plans to find the balance of coverage and cost that works best for you.

Benefits are paid even if you have health insurance

Accident SafeGuard pays regardless of what your main health insurance may cover.

Benefits paid directly to you

You’re paid fixed amounts for covered services related to accidental injuries.F18

Help for high deductibles

Accident SafeGuard payments can help with those out-of-pocket costs your main health insurance doesn’t cover.

AD&D in Every Plan

Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits are included with every plan. Three plans to choose from with different levels of AD&D benefits.F18

Additional ICU Benefit

If you’re admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) while hospitalized, ICU benefits are paid in addition to hospitalization benefits.

No Network Limitations

Accident SafeGuard plans don’t require you to stay in a network. You’re paid the same no matter what doctor or health care facility gives you care. Note: If your main insurance plan has a network, you may want to stay in that network to get the most out of your insurance.

Accident FAQs

Yes. Accident Safeguard plans include coverage for accidental death with benefits paid to your designated beneficiary. Accidental dismemberment benefits pay as a percentage of the plan’s accidental death benefit. See the plan brochure for more information.

Yes. Your accident insurance can be used immediately for qualifying expenses once the plan is in effect.

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